March 24, 2012

Presenting Zap The Ghost

Hi folks,

In the last month of so, in my spare time, I was working on an Android game which I called Zap The Ghost.
The purpose of the game is simple. You need to tap various characters as they appear on the screen for points. There are different characters from two categories: good and bad characters. As you probably guessed you only need to tap (kill) bad characters to gain points. You can lose points and even lives if you do not tap a bad character of more importantly if you tap a good character.

The game currently has the following features:
  • Uses AndEngine as the game engine
  • Has Settings and Local Highscores which are saved in an SQLite database
  • Has 2 difficulties: Easy and Hard which decide the number of starting lives and the speed to which the characters appear on the screen
  • Used Swarm as Global Scores Provider
  • Uses ACRA as Crash Reporter
  • Has sounds and music (in progress) which can be enabled or disabled
  • Has How To Play Instructions and Credits screens
This game will be available on the Android Market (Google Play) soon so stay tuned.

Below are some screenshots from the game:

Splash Screen


Main Menu


How To Play




High Scores


Game Play



Quit Game


  1. Can you post the source cod for this?

    1. Hmm... well, I guess I can release the code under GPL, but that would mean that any derived work from that code, by other people, will have to be released under GPL as well, and, thus, cannot be used to write a paid app but mostly for education purpose only. I will have to think about it some more. Would that be fine with you? What do you need the code for? guidance / education or a base for another app?

  2. Thanks for sharing! I am sharing Android Wearable Game, You can play Tap and Zap it in three modes, classic, arcade and multiplayer mode. There are 50 levels in arcade mode. Random matches can be played in an arcade mode with any online player. Download it on your wearable device, Have Fun with it :)